Glendale Lodge is available all year round as a party venue.


 A two hour party in The Lodge costs from £90 for up to 10 children; additional children are charged at £7 each.


The Lodge is prepared for your arrival with party banners and decorations. The table is set with plates, cups, bowls, cutlery and napkins. There is a CD player and additional party lights.


For £30 extra we can provide the following services (each service):-


Pampering for your Princesses! hair straightened or braided, Nails painted from our selection of pinks and all Princesses receive free lip gloss!


Party girl gets to wear our Princess Tiara but it must be handed back on departure!


Go Face Painting mad! We can do two at a time!


Arts n Crafty Capers! Materials and clear up included!


Fancy Dress! We have a selection of fun outfits and hats!

Canterall LTD.